28 mai 2010


how are y'all guys doing? since work in digital agency (with a byte), now i know what SEO is. please google it, don't be spoiled :P well, apparently this blog has good SEO, because it appears below my full name searching, thou i never write it in this blog, not even once as i remember.

unfortunately, finally, i came to shut down this blog. I've gone from totally anonymous blog, little-little circle of bloggers (guess it's them that help this SEO thingy), to a blog that seems quiet embarrassing to glance thru *smirk. it used to be my sacred place, to put all the things that my mind can't keep. write in your darn diary, they said. no, i know the things might be evil, or idiot, but i want to share it to the world. well, i know there're some that should be put only in the diary too *grin.

this blog is not that bad, let it be a memory statue of me. it's a good thing that i still laugh, still can feel the energy of my old postings, prove that it's not a shame thing for me *crossfinger. now that i'm older, some things have been figured out. i still love to stare then writing like crazy. to tired to tweet, imagine there's an auto tweet engine on the brain, 'till i'm not tweeting at all. more and more people know this blog belongs to me, so i've got more and more anonymous writings scattered all over the internet. something i want to anonymously share.

so, for you who google my full name, i have no idea what's your intention, but i'm sure you want to know me personally based on my full name. where you got my full name other than schools, works, and official things.

please, please leave this blog. this is a very personal blog. an old personal blog. the blog has nothing to do with my work or professional thing. but if you just want to hang out with me, feel free to stay. just remember it's an old blog. i might have changed, because i've learnt, and got some more.

let me begin a professional blog :)

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